Image Asphalt and Concrete uses the newest technology and application methods when it comes to line striping and marking including preform thermoplastic markings. With the most technologically up to date striping machines and over 22 years of line striping experience, we will leave you with a professional and beautiful product ready for years of future use. Line striping is a vital element to any commercial type of business, church, apartment dwellings, condominium developments, and any other potentially congested areas to offer directions to drivers. Line striping can enhance the overall look, designate important areas, and the following important areas on a private roads or parking lots:

  • Maximize use of parking space
  • Direct traffic and lanes
  • Designate handicap parking spots
  • No parking areas
  • Reserved parking or numbered parking spots
  • Fire lanes
  • Entrances and exits
  • Crosswalks
  • Loading or Standing Zone

Watch a video about Image Asphalt and Concretes Thermoplastic and Striping service.