Curing Concrete

  Curing is necessary because : Concrete strength depends on the growth of crystals within the matrix of the concrete. These crystals grow from a reaction between Portland cement and water—a reaction known as hydration. If there isn’t enough water, the crystals … Read More

Sustainability Benefits of Concrete!

  Sustainability Benefits of Concrete It is easy to overlook the use of concrete in society. Concrete plays a vital part in our daily lives and in a functioning society. Its benefits to society are immense, being used to build … Read More

5 Signs It’s Time to Repave Your Parking Lot!

There’s something incredibly appealing about a smooth, freshly-paved parking lot. Sadly, parking lots cannot stay looking brand-new forever. In fact, due to the constant wear, they are subjected to, they should be repaved fairly regularly. How often will depend on … Read More